Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybe This is How it Should Be

I get lost in tv shows the way people get lost in books. And I know that sounds stupid but it's true! It's the same thing, I fall in love with these characters and lose myself in the plot line. I feel for these characters. But I have one question, about these plot lines for books or movies or tv, why does everything always work out? I mean, I know there are some exceptions but we can all agree, the majority of fictional stories made for the pleasure of audiences have the perfect predictable ending. But that's not how life is, and that's ok! I just wish it was socially acceptable for media to be that way as well. I will admit, I've been angry when at the end of a movie or book or tv series finale when they didn't end it just right. But that's because we have been brought up to not want that! But maybe we need it to be that way. We need these fictional stories to work out to give us hope that maybe, just maybe, our own lives will somehow turn out the same way. I'm not bashing media or trying to sound like a hypocrite (because I probably do) but I'm just sharing thoughts I've had recently.

I know this is really different than what I usually post but I thought I would switch it up a little. Hope you enjoy.

And also enjoy this picture, which states a fact that NO ONE saw coming.

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