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Ok now that I've gotten that out of my system, yes I have seen the movie Tangled (twice, in 3D!) and I must tell you how amazing it is.

The story follows the basic storyline of Rapunzel being in a tower and having really long hair for about 5 seconds. The two main characters are Rapunzel and Flynn Rider voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. Flynn is a thief on the run who happens to stumble upon Rapunzel's tower. They meet, go on adventure to find floating lights, and eventually fall in love. Sorry to be so vague but I'm afraid of saying to much and ruining it! I'd rather someone not know much now than know too much when they see the movie.

Although, like most Disney movies, it follows the cliche story line but Tangled does a nice job of not making it feel so cliche. First off, I personally have never heard a very in-depth story about the character Rapunzel anyways so this story brings a whole new perspective and a lot of interesting details to a basic fairytale. Second, the purpose of Flynn and Rapunzel's adventure is different and new. Floating lights haven't exactly appeared in many classic Disney movies. Also, Rapunzel isn't looking for love. She is a very strong and independent woman and definitely shows that in some of the more action-filled scenes.

Now you know that every Disney princess-like character needs an animal friend to be their life guide. Well Rapunzel gets the best animal by far. Her friend is a chameleon named Pascal. I hate reptiles but he is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Granted he is animated and barely has any scales but still, he is pretty amazing. He protects Rapunzel from the evils of the outside world and surprisingly has control over Flynn.  Once you see this movie, you will want a Pascal. If only chameleons were this cute in real life.

Like any other movie, the music is very important. With original songs by Alan Menken (a movie music genius), the music is some of the best I've heard from Disney in a while. Some of my favorite songs are "I See the Light", "When Will My Life Begin?", and "I've Got a Dream". The best thing about having an actress/singer play the main character is that she can sing all the songs herself! Zachary Levi also showed his surprisingly good pipes in the romantic duet "I See the Light".

Overall, the movie was a mixture between Anastasia and Aladdin mostly (once you see it you will understand the Anastasia part). This was an amazing movie and will go down as another Disney classic. And although Rapunzel is not counted as a "Disney Princess", she is starting to turn into my favorite princess Disney has created.

Let me know your thoughts on the movie!

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  1. I just saw that Tangled beat out Harry Potter this weekend at the box offices, so I think it just goes to show that it's a pretty good movie! :)

    And yes, you will want a Pascal!