Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Those Rainy Days

If you are in Richmond today, you are most likely inside, curled up by a fire. Well that's at least what I'm doing! Minus the fire but that's only because I'm upstairs while writing this. Anyways! It is a cold, rainy day today and since I have been very bad about editing JMU pictures, I have a small set of shots that I took at the house of the family I nanny for (it's not creepy I promise!) They have this one room that is pink and for a girl who doesn't like pink, I loved the room! It was so classy and has a giant window which was perfect. So I pretended that I worked for Better Homes & Garden or Southern Living for five minutes and this is what I got! So curl up in a blanket of by a fire with hot chocolate or tea and enjoy!

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