Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 Never Forget

Every day I listen to the radio on my way to school. Unlike most people my age, I don't listen to Q94 but instead I listen to KLR Richmond's Classic Rock station. The morning show that they have is very enjoyable if you like southern republican rednecks. Luckily, I do!! The show is called Jon Boy and Billy in the Morning and I love it! They are so great to listen to (if you share their political views) and they are also Christian and very patriotic. Monday morning, September 12, I was listening to them and they could not stop talking about all the pro football games that had happened, but especially the Chicago Bears game and the national anthem at the game. I watched it and at first when the crowd started cheering as he started singing, I felt that was disrespectful. But by the end, when the crowd was still cheering, I knew they weren't being disrespectful. They were celebrating the fact that we are still America and even though these terrible attacks happened 10 years ago, they cannot break our spirits and our patriotism.

I was young when it happened and even though I remember exactly what happened that day, it had nothing to do with the attacks. I was in third grade and every day, I stayed after school through the YMCA program we had. That day, the bell rang, and I went down to the cafeteria like always and everyone seemed very flustered. A lot more parents were there than usual, including my mom. Confused, but happy to see her, she told me how they had cancelled the program for the day and she was taking me home. But first, we stopped by Dairy Queen and got ice cream :) we even got a cookie dough blizzard to take home for my sister so she would have something when she got home from school.  I vaguely remember watching the news (I hated doing that when I was younger) but I remember my parents watching it and all anyone could talk about was a plane crash. I was too young to fully understand but I knew it was bad. I can't even imagine how anyone closer to the attacks or knew people in those cities must have felt, but my heart goes out to them.

I know this post is a little late but I just thought I should share the video of them National Anthem from the Bears-Falcons game on September 11. Hope you enjoy it.

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