Monday, September 26, 2011

Holden Beach

Things got kind of busy last week with school, starting a nannying job and then this past weekend I went on a retreat with InterVarsity to Camp Rudolph and it was amazing!! So now that I am back in reality, I realized I needed to do a blog post! Good thing I found a bunch of pictures that I want to show and edited them a couple weeks ago for situations like this.

This summer, as a graduation gift, my family and I went to our favorite vacation spot in the world, Holden Beach, North Carolina. We got a nice house with pool and I was even able to bring along my best friend, Carissa! Our last day I even got up to take pictures of the sunrise but my camera decided to fog up and not be clear until after we left. But I at least got to watch the sunrise which was really cool, very different from the one I shot last year. Anyways, here are some of my favorites! 

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